Elevate your curb appeal with a fresh new look.

Eavestroughs In Keswick, Newmarket, Bradford, Sutton

Eavestrough aluminum or seamless, help your home go with the flow. Freshen up your exterior look. Optimize the water flow around your home with a new seamless eavestrough system of durable joints and downspouts. We assess and measure what’s required, remove old troughs, install and quality product guaranteed.

Soffit & Fascia In Keswick, Newmarket, Bradford, Sutton

Soffit and Facia add beauty and value to your home with Reid’s Roofing. Complete the pretty picture with the protective, ventilating and design-boosting power of soffit and fascia. Whether it’s just replacing or a custom project Reid’s Roofing has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

Custom Flashings

Our complete flashings solutions do not use standard over the counter flashings that can give a stock and poorly fitted look. We break and fit all flashings to custom fit the unique curves of your home.

Aluminum Siding Vinyl siding in Keswick, Newmarket, Bradford, Sutton

Aluminum siding or vinly siding is strong and durable – won’t warp, crack, twist or buckle. Vinyl siding is Impact-resistant and pest-proof. Stands up to the harshest weather.

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